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Support LVCC

Support from our families, friends and community is critical to the success of LVCC and its programs.


We are committed to maintaining excellence in all areas, including staff, facilities, programs, and teacher/student ratio, and we can only do this with your help. Your philanthropic support enables us to fulfill our mission of providing a quality education for children from many walks of life. We deeply appreciate every supporter of LVCC, and we thank you for your commitment and dedication.

LVCC runs two major fundraisers each year: Winter Market and Spring Fling. Every dollar raised by both of these fundraisers goes to support the Center, and each requires extensive support from our families - including volunteer hours that count toward fulfillment of parent participation requirements.


Winter Market begins in late October and allows our families to welcome the holiday season with an array of LVCC gifts. Past offerings have included our traditional pine wreaths and coffee, as well as poinsettias, wine/champagne, and a variety of LVCC apparel and products. Funds raised through Winter Market allow LVCC to enrich its program with opportunities for learning, creativity and fun that exist outside our standard curriculum.

Spring Fling is our annual silent auction fundraiser. For the price of a ticket, guests enjoy a buffet dinner and cash bar while bidding on items, services, events, memberships and experiences procured by our families and community supporters. This fundraiser primarily supports our scholarship program, allowing us to give the gift of education to children who might not otherwise benefit from the type of high-quality program offered at LVCC. 

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