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Our goal is to help in the development of children who are secure, confident and competent.  We provide an environment that is emotionally warm and nurturing, physically safe and cognitively challenging.  It is our desire to work as a team with
parents to provide the best for their child.

We help our children discover a way of dealing with life that is realistic, comfortable and satisfying.  Self-confidence is nurtured as children learn to rely on themselves and each other. The noncompetitive environment is one that allows each child to develop and mature emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually at their own pace. Through planned activities children are challenged to explore ideas, solve problems, develop and expand language and concept skills.To implement our philosophy, we give children choices.  They can experiment and explore with activities designed to meet their needs in all areas of development. 


The curriculum is carefully planned by the teachers to offer choices designed to encourage physical skills, cognitive learning, problem-solving and independence.  Active physical play, conceptual learning, art, music, science, math concepts, literature and dramatic play are part of the daily program. LVCC students are grouped by age and developmental readiness.  Each classroom is supervised by a Lead Teacher.  Curriculum varies according to age.  As children mature, they engage in increasingly more intricate and challenging activities.  The curriculum also varies from year to year, because no one group of children is like another.  This flexibility allows our teachers the opportunity to assess the nature of their group and design their lesson plans accordingly.

What makes us special?
  • Teachers assigned to our "outdoor classroom


  • Goal of maintaining lower ratios than licensing requires


  • Opportunities to explore nearby community resources (library, park, fire station, etc.)


  • Willingness to take advantage of spontaneous learning experiences


  • Appreciation of each child's differences and individual needs


  • Close-knit community


  • Activities that allow our families to build lifelong friendships

We believe children grow best in a caring atmosphere with competent staff committed to providing love and gentle discipline. 



My name is Janie and I am the director at Linda Vista Children’s Center. For as long as I can recall, I have been inspired to help children grow in a nurturing environment during their early years. I firmly believe that every single child is capable of learning and absorbing positive lessons from their natural environment when we encourage them to play, build, draw, dance and help them to reach new milestones.


Linda Vista’s Children’s Center helps to set that foundation for children’s lifelong learning experience outside the home. As early childhood educators, we all have a strong passion for teaching and illuminating all our children’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. When teachers connect with families to meet the needs of the child, we are working together to build a solid foundation for the child and their learning environment.


Janie Ho

Executive Director 


Linda Vista Children's Center

1259 Linda Vista Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103

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